How hearing aids helped Donna stay involved in her community

It wasn’t the quiet she noticed, but the frustration at not being able to participate

Sometimes hearing loss is sudden, especially if it’s caused by an injury or exposure to a loud noise. But for many hearing loss happens more gradually as we age, and that can make it harder to detect.

For Donna, it wasn’t until her friends noticed a change in her behaviour that she realized her hearing was becoming an issue.

“My friends noticed my irritability at meetings because I couldn’t hear properly. I thought they were talking too low,” she says.

Many people delay a trip to a hearing specialist for one reason or another, even if they know their hearing is causing issue. Some are concerned about the feeling or appearance of hearing aids. Others are reluctant to accept assistance or use a health care aid. Donna says price was a concern, so she put off the appointment for as long as possible. But after visiting Kim Galick at Ears Hearing Clinic in Langley, everything improved.

“I feel secure with Kim and Ears looking after my hearing needs. Kim does what’s best for her customers and gives fantastic customer service, whether the hearing aids were bought there or not. I trust Kim,” she says.

Deafening silence

Once fitted with proper hearing aids to suit your needs, you may notice new sounds that you didn’t realize you were missing. For some, it’s the sound of birdsong or the ticking of a clock. For Donna, there wasn’t a particular sound she noticed, more than the absence of sound when she removed her hearing aids at the end of the day.

“I realize every night, when I take my hearing aids out, how deaf I am. It is a ‘deafening’ silence. I participate more in meetings and socialize more because I can hear and therefore participate.”

And as for those meetings where her friends first noticed her frustration at everyone speaking too quietly?

“At the first meeting I went to wearing my hearing aids, I was blown away that I could hear from every direction. I realized that no one was talking low so I couldn’t hear,” she says.

For a free hearing consultation and more care tips, call Kim Galick at Ears Hearing Clinic, 604-427-2828 or email Find Ears Hearing at Unit C 20568 56 Ave. in Langley and on Facebook.

~ Written by Amy Attas, Black Press Media

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