Success Stories – Lilianne Fuller

My name is Lilianne Fuller and here is my story…

I lost hearing in my left ear quite abruptly, so I knew that I was not hearing clearly. At first though, I think I was in denial. After all, I could hear the television and my husband, most of the time. In the past, I also found that any background noise such as in a large crowd would impact negatively on my being able to hear. In the setting of a busy restaurant, I could not make out what my friends were saying. I was unable to be part of the conversation. I also noticed that if someone speaking to me had an accent, I could no longer understand what they were saying despite their speaking quite loudly. My husband told me that contrary to most hard of hearing people my speaking volume had decreased instead of increasing.

I was reluctant at first to try a hearing aid because I was under the impression that hearing aids were expensive and didn’t work in crowds. 

I love my hearing aid! I can the birds singing in my backyard and best of all I can hear my grandsons! Now I can be part of any conversation. I used to kind of ‘ad lib’ when speaking to someone and hoped that my smile and laugh would fit into the context of the conversation. I don’t have to do that anymore. I can be fully ‘present’.  My husband also told me on day one of having my hearing aid that my speaking volume was again ‘normal’.  

A moment in which I realized I appreciated my new hearing aids was when I was having a conversation with a speaker with a heavy accent. It was fabulous I could understand every word.

I cannot say enough about how much Ears Hearing Clinics has helped me. At first, to be honest there were a couple of hiccups with the fit and the function. In only a couple of appointments, these issues were addressed, and the problem alleviated. I am still on my hearing journey, but I am so glad that it is one that I need not take alone. Kim and Noella are helping me every step of the way. 

And by the way, did I mention that I LOVE my hearing aid! 

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