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Success Stories – Gwen Scott

Welcome to my journey….. “I wonder if I need hearing aids?”.

As a child, I had several bouts of severe “earaches” with a perforated eardrum which required hospitalization and administration of penicillin. It’s clear that these episodes permanently scarred my eardrums and resulted in hearing loss which became more significant over time.

Over the years I have compensated my difficulty in hearing by sitting closer to the front of the room while in a meeting, asking people to repeat themselves and/or speak louder. This worked for many years until, as I got older, I noticed that I was having more difficulty hearing. Obviously, these strategies were not working as well as when I was younger!  I noticed how other people were laughing or responding to what had just been said, and I didn’t know what was happening! I also became aware that my inability to hear correctly had a significant negative impact on me because my brain wasn’t receiving the stimulation it needed to stay alert and use it’s intelligence. I didn’t want to be perceived as being “stupid”, “irrelevant” or have “dementia” by others because I wasn’t able to engage appropriately.

I’ve also recently learned that the human brain produces new neurons daily to so that we can learn new tasks, process new information, and become “smarter”. I didn’t want to miss out!

I was reluctant to be seen using hearing aids because of the stigma attached to wearing them. I believed that others would assume that I was “old” and not valued. However, I also began noticing that, although others were using hearing aids, they seemed not to be ashamed to have them, and they were functioning well with them. At about the same time, I had a friend that confided in me that she was wearing hearing aids and I was surprised to see that they were small and discreet. I also noticed that she had a hairstyle that covered her ears and realized “I can do this too!” I began to change my mind about hearing aids, and before long I considered getting my ears checked to see if I might also benefit from wearing hearing aids.

My friend recommended Kim Galick at EARS Hearing Clinics as the best practitioner that she had found (she had been to several hearing clinics before she found Kim). I trusted my friend’s judgment and made an appointment with Kim fairly soon after this conversation.

I went to Ears Hearing Clinic and saw Kim where I was tested and became aware that I would benefit from having hearing aids. I chose hearing aids with the latest technology so that I would have the maximum benefit and began wearing them consistently a few weeks later.

Thankfully, I had a fairly smooth adjustment period compared to my friend who had taken longer to adjust. The things I noticed right away were that I didn’t need the TV to be as loud, I was surprised as to how loud the timer on the stove was, I wasn’t asking people to repeat themselves, and I was noticing when they were initiating conversation with me. In other words, my brain was being stimulated by these “new” sounds, and my ability to engage with others and things in my environment was greatly improved.

Ears Hearing Clinics has been a catalyst in making my life more alive and rewarding!

Kim Galick is the owner/operator of EARS. I found her to be welcoming, informative, and professional as we discussed what I was experiencing, thoroughly assessed my hearing, and told me what she could offer to enhance my ability to hear better. Kim always speaks clearly and intentionally so that I never have trouble hearing or understanding what she is saying. I feel well cared for and valued as her client. I’m also impressed with Kim’s ethical approach to her business as she is clear in what she is offering and honors her word.

I don’t hesitate in recommending EARS Hearing Clinics to others who may be wondering where they might go to get the best care and service for their hearing concerns for themselves or their loved ones.

About Us

Ears Hearing Clinics is a locally owned and operated family business in the beautiful city of Langley.  Ears Hearing Clinics was founded by Kim Galick RHIP, BC-HIS in 2013.  The foundation of Ears Hearing Clinics is to provide a positive experience and outcome for all clients on their hearing journey.  We are proud to provide exceptional customer service and to provide superior product knowledge.  Call us to learn more about our no-obligation Free Hearing Aid Trial for all levels of hearing technology.

You can learn more about us here.

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If you have any questions or comments that you would like to share with us, please feel free to reach out to us directly, or fill out the form on our contact page.

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